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Season 2024/2025 Season 2025/2026
Trees M9 T337 Unavailable
Trees Geneva® G11 Unavailable
Graftwood / Budwood

General information

Origin : Sport of white pippin
Picking date : 1 week after Golden Delicious
Fruit size : 70/90
Uses : typical variety of the French market with possible sales in Spain, Portugal and Italy. Mainly used as a cooking apple

Tree description

Blossom date : 3 to 5 days after Golden Delicious
Pollinator : Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Malus Golden Gem, Malus INRA® Baugene, Malus Bauflor
Vigour : strong
Time till first cropping / yields : slow / very good yields
Susceptibility to alternate bearing / thinning : possible susceptibility to alternate bearing in Southern Europe if the crop load is too heavy / easy thinning
Susceptibility / resistance to diseases : low susceptibility to scab, susceptible to canker

Fruit description

Fruit description : bronze grey and thick, Shape flat and irregular
Flesh / taste : tender, average juicy and rough texture; sharp taste with both sugars and flavour
Storage potential : February in cold store, March in CA storage


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