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Classic varieties


Product description

Origin : Sport of Golden Delicious, USA
Licence holder : Castang
Picking date : Golden Delicious
Fruit size : 70/85
Uses : best eating qualities in mountainous areas. This sport is well adapted for the South European markets which prefer a yellow fruit

Descriptif arbre

Blossom date : Mid late
Pollinator : Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Gala, Fuji, Reine des reinettes, Cox, Elstar, Idared, Red Pippin, Malus INRA® Perpetu® Evereste, Malus Golden Gem, Malus INRA Baugene®
Vigour : average to good
Time till first cropping / yields : very rapid / excellent yields in the suitable locations
Susceptibility to alternate bearing / thinning : low susceptibility to alternate bearing / rather easy chemical thinning
Susceptibility / resistance to diseases : susceptible to scab, average susceptibility to mildew, low susceptibility to canker

Descriptif fruit

Descriptif fruit : smooth, very light lenticels, very susceptible to russetting
Flesh / taste : crisp and juicy; good balance between flavour, sugars and acidity (especially in the adapted areas)
Storage potential : February in cold store, June / July in CA storage


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