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Niche varieties; Varieties for farm shops

Concorde P.V.R.

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Graftwood / Budwood

General information

Origin : cross of Doyenné du Comice x Conférence
Breeder : East Malling Research station (UK)
Licence holder : Mondial Fruit Sélection
Picking date : same date as Comice
Fruit size : middle to big (bigger than Conference)
Uses : the look of Conference with the taste of Comice. Very interesting for southern countries due to its resistance to folletage

Tree description

Blossom date : between Williams and Doyenné du Comice. Diploid variety with much pollen
Pollinator : Angelys C.O.V., Conference, Comice and its mutants
Type of tree : similar tree as Conference. Fruit on 2 and 3 year old wood as well as on brindles
Vigour : average vigour, slightly less vigorous than Conference
Productivite : rapid
Time till first cropping : possible, needs good pollination / thinning neccesary in case of heavy crop load
Susceptibility to alternate bearing / thinning : possible, needs good pollination
Susceptibility / resistance to diseases : - resistant to folletage - low susceptibility to pear decline - low susceptibility to fireblight
Susceptibility / resistance to diseases : possible, needs good pollination
Eclaircissage : thinning neccesary in case of heavy crop load

Fruit description

Fruit description : pear shaped, similar to Conference with more consistency. Green-yellow fruit, very similiar to Conference with a light colour (less grey)
Flesh / taste : rather crispy and good sugar level. Eating quality close to Comice
Storage potential : storage potential between its 2 parents (until February at -1°C). Very good resistance to bruising


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