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The R&D team (IFO)

Research & Development

Bruno Essner

Deputy General Manager

Team Research

Frédéric Bernard

Manager of IFO

Pierre Bouillon

PHD student

Alexandre Chemineau

Technical assistant

Clément Compagnon

selection, management of rootstocks, expedition of plant material to partners

Michaël Dray

Technical assistant

Isabelle Ferreira

Licensing and contract management

Valérie Fouillet

Breeding, selection and experimentation

Adeline Gilbert

Front desk officer

Marie-Gabrielle Lethrosne

Experimentation and selection of hybrids and pears, introduction of plant material, management of variety phytosanitary status

Team Development

Emmanuel De Lapparent

Development Manager

Margot Getreuer

Development project assistant

Florian Guidat

Development project manager

Legal department

Mathilde Letellier

Licence and intellectual property manager

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