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Advice to optimise the plantation of your orchard


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  • Before executing your orchard, think which were the previous crops. Bio disinfectants (sorghum or tagete) or natural vegetation (mustards or phacelia) can be interesting especially for their nitrogen contribution. A precedent of cereals (wheat, rye…) can also be beneficial
  • As of May, take a sample of earth for a chemical and physical analysis
  • Prepare the soil in summer
  • Weed the plot in late July and decompact it in August
  • Spread manure (MO) properly decomposed to limit the release of ammonia and/or contribute mineral elements rich in phosphorous/potassium/magnesium/lime (as per pH) (if necessary, correct after soil analysis results). Farm just after
  • Perform two crossed runs with a rotating grade so the soil is a fine as possible
  • In the event of a hill, place biodegradable canvases during dry seasons, so that the orchard is under the best sun conditions
  • Vegetable lining recommended in the space between rows, from September with (for example) a mixture of 80% festuca rubra and 20% ray grass
  • Remove sun canvas when receiving trees
  • Prepare root system of trees and place anti-rabbit covers (as indicated below)
  • Sugar the roots (optional)
  • In the event of late planting and/or under dry and windy conditions, it shall be mandatory to hydrate the trees (as indicated below)
  • Plant with machine or shovel. THE USE OF LEVERS IS FORBIDDEN : risk of smoothening floor walls. Also avoid the use of injector stick
  • Compact the earth at the feet of the trees to prevent the formation of air pockets and homogenise the height of the graft points compared to the soil. The ideal is to adjust the height of the graft between 10 and 15 cm from the soil
  • Secure the trees on planting to prevent air pockets in the soil and/or breaking the plant.
  • Water just after planting (as indicated below).
  • Carry out a first maintenance manuring just before sprouting. Phosphorous will favour the root development of trees.
  • Important : do not compete trees with the presence (weak or intense) of adventitious during the first year.
  • In very light soil, plan a second irrigation 15 days after planting and if necessary, compact the earth around the trees that see to be poorly anchored to the ground.
  • Do not stop vegetative growth of trees during the entire season : first year without fruit, good sanitary monitoring of the orchard, water reasonably, add manure…
  • Important note : the further the grafting point is buried, the stronger shall be the vegetative reactions. The higher the graft point, the less will the vegetable develop.
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